Kangaroo Street Fight

Kangaroo Street Fight 0

Here’s a fun Friday video for you all who are just now getting the shakes because the ability to drink without consequence is only a mere few hours away. A home video caught two kangaroos going at it in the middle of gentile suburban neighbhoorhood, which makes for a fun watch. This went down in(…)

Uncle Buck Is Back On TV

Uncle Buck Is Back On TV 0

If you read that headline and were like, “wait, Uncle Buck is BACK on TV? What does that mean, when was he on TV?” Well you silly asshole you must’ve overlooked the comedy classic when in the early 90’s Uncle Buck was indeed a show on CBS, and it was terrible. Well terrible has never(…)

DC Traffic Cams Are Down In Revenue

DC Traffic Cams Are Down In Revenue 0

The advent of the traffic camera may be one of the biggest tragedies of modern society. Forget the fact that these things can be used to monitor us in just a pervasive way as whatever the NSA is up to, but far more grossly is what these things have meant to mayors and city councils(…)

the DC AM #180: “Absolut Chocolate Green Label”

the DC AM #180: “Absolut Chocolate Green Label” 0

Hey everyone, do you enjoy liqour reviews? Do you enjoy banter? Do you enjoy discussions of old radio shows? Do you enjoy Not Dead Yet Radio? Do you enjoy discussions of useless new technology? Do you the education of modern music video awareness? Do you enjoy rambling drunken conversations? Do you enjoy kayfabe? Do you(…)

Lil Dicky Tops Himself

Lil Dicky Tops Himself 0

YouTube really gets around these days. With all the girls giving makeup tips, guys playing video games, all kinds of unqualified idiots giving movie reviews, it really has become a destination to see all kinds of everything. So it is always so refreshing when an artist can breakthrough with a great video. I introduce you(…)

Chimps Love To Murder Each Other

Chimps Love To Murder Each Other 0

Fighting. It’s something we as humans try not to do. Well at least not directly. I mean a drone strike is pretty violent but so long as you can take a cool sip of Gatorade at a control center thousands of miles from the battlefield, not so bad, right? In any event a recent study(…)