Mistletoe Prank(s)

Mistletoe Prank(s) 0

It’s Chirstmastime, also know as the month of drunk coworkers, spending too much on gifts, drinking Egg Nog even if you can’t stand it, and otherwise trying to force yourself into that ‘ol holiday feeling that you really haven’t felt since you discovered Santa is just your dad. But bygones, some pranksters are still out(…)

Killing Your Kid As A Prank

Killing Your Kid As A Prank 0

Prank channels on YouTube are now a dime-a-dozen but one of the guys who consistently gets the highest numbers is Roman Atwood. In Roman’s latest he pranks his wife, which is actually a running theme for him, but this time he proceeds to throw their child right over a high balcony. Fun stuff, right?. Check(…)

“Serial” Is A Can’t Miss Podcast

“Serial” Is A Can’t Miss Podcast 0

Sometimes here at the DC AM we’ll podcasts. Yea, yea, we used to do this all the time and in fact that is the actual point of the podcast, but bygones, it is what is. Maybe if you behave yourself we’ll podcast a Christmas show sometime, those are always good. In the meantime though we’d(…)

GTA V Now Has First Person Mode, Is Awesome

GTA V Now Has First Person Mode, Is Awesome 0

Have you played Grand Theft Auto 5? We have, well for all of ten minutes because we refuse to buy a console other than our old-school Wii and that’s really just to play an errant game of Wii Bowling. But even with just ten minutes logged we know how awesome the game is and now(…)

Woody Allen To Host SNL

Woody Allen To Host SNL 0

That’s right, the musician who wrote songs such as “Little Sadie” and “Cumberland Gap” is hosting Saturday Night Live this weekend. Should be pretty great. We’re also hoping for a mini-reunion between him and Buzz Lightyear, Mr. Potato Head, and Slinky Dog. Should be a great show so make sure to watch it live or(…)

TableTop Returns

TableTop Returns 0

Hey, you every “The Eldritch Horror”? Well don’t unless you want to learn to hate your friends, the expenditure of time, and everything H.P. Lovecraft stood for. But how might you know this without playing? Well for one we just told you, but also there is Wil Wheaton’s delightful YouTube show called “TableTop”. Basically it’s(…)